How Building Service Contractors Can Boost Profits with Smart Solutions

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Cassondra Thurmond
Sector Marketing Manager, CG&I, Facilities and Machines, North America
Aug 06, 2019

In today’s competitive market, every building service contractor (BSC) must add value to their customers’ facilities. Their work is responsible for enhancing the appearance of places like schools, airports, stadiums and office buildings, which in turn shapes brand image and upholds the health and well-being of occupants and visitors. To remain profitable, BSCs must also carefully consider the bottom line. When BSCs better understand solutions that improve productivity, reduce waste and enhance cleaning results, they can be more competitive when bidding for new business and enhance the satisfaction of their current customers while also driving cost savings. 


Cleaning in the Information Age

Technology that allows devices to operate autonomously is transforming industries across the globe, and the cleaning industry is no exception. BSCs can now harness the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud and real-time data-gathering to optimize their cleaning operations and save money. Smart solutions that help BSCs upgrade their capabilities and boost their profits include:


  • Hands-free floor care machines: Bringing autonomous floor care machines onsite allows BSC employees to focus on other top priorities while the robots work diligently alongside these cleaning teams. This doesn’t reduce or eliminate a need for employees; rather, it helps employees address important tasks that only humans can accomplish, like disinfecting high touch surfaces. This collaboration boosts cleaning efficiency, quality and ultimately, profits.


Diversey’s TASKI® Intellibot® line of hands-free machines includes the Swingobot 2000, which is equipped with sensors that provide a 360-degree view of floors and potential obstacles. These robotic autoscrubbers significantly reduce cleaning costs because they provide a quick and consistent clean. Look for a machine with a smart feature that reduces water and chemical consumption to further cut costs.  


  • The Internet of Things: The network of cloud-connected devices, communicating remotely with each other and their operators, continues to grow. The most cost-effective and user-friendly way to manage a fleet of floor care machines is to utilize an intelligent tracking solution, such as TASKI IntelliTrail®, part of Diversey’s Internet of Clean™ platform.


With IntelliTrail, BSCs can remotely track which machines are being underutilized, and which need charging or maintenance, to improve productivity and reduce the downtime that occurs when machines experience unexpected failure. This ability to easily and remotely track and manage assets reduces the total cost of doing business by helping BSCs optimize use of their machines. A platform that provides insightful floor care data also allows BSCs to enhance the quality of service by monitoring and checking on the status of cleaning activities. With information like crash reports and alerts in the event that a machine leaves a predetermined geo fence, BSCs can build a smarter floor care offering for customers.


  • Operational data platforms: SmartView from Diversey is an online tracking and management solution designed to improve operational efficiency for BSCs. With an integrated web-based platform, SmartView allows access to pertinent data anywhere, at any time.


By using real-time information, it simplifies daily communication, documentation and project management. Complete visibility of information helps to proactively monitor, assess and improve the performance of individual assets and team performance. Enhanced performance improves overall customer service, which boosts a BSC’s reputation and aids the company when competing for new customers.


Today’s intelligent cleaning solutions can help BSCs increase productivity, better manage equipment, reduce chemical, energy and water usage and improve customer satisfaction. Integrating autonomous cleaning machines, remote fleet tracking and online data management will deliver these benefits while helping BSCs keep costs in line and remain competitive among customers that continuously demand better results at a lower price.


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