Deosan Activate

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Reducing losses from poor udder hygiene is one element of improving the efficiency of your dairy farm. Clinical mastitis is a significant cost while high somatic cell counts reduce both milk yield and milk price. A rigorous udder hygiene program is a proven tool to reduce the challenges of infection and encourage healthier, more productive cows and improved milk quality.


A new generation of intelligence-based disinfectants to deliver optimum teat hygiene and protection


  • Developed to meet the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR)
  • Proven under the scrutiny of daily cow environments – heavily soiled areas with an organic challenge.
  • Designed to deliver the optimum use of the biocide, total power without the aggression
  • A specifically designed range with a product to meet the requirements of each of the dairy market segments


Ability to Re-Activate


Deosan Activate is unique due to its new Activate formulation. The ability to re-generate in association with its unique complex surfactant formulation sustains its biocidal release over a prolonged period with its new release on demand technology.


Ability to Retain pH


Deosan Activate formulations have been developed to retain pH values when in contact with milk soiling after milking, a cause of reduced biocidal efficiency in traditional formulations. The pH control ensures prolonged activity on the teat, maximising efficacy without irritation.


Superior Teat Care


Developed to ensure superior, cosmetic standard, conditioning of the teat. Deosan Activate formulations contain a balanced surfactant with skin conditioning properties to prevent de-fatting of the skin and damage to the teat.


The range includes film forming and binding properties for superior skin retention, enhancing the biocidal activity while delivering superior teat conditioning.

The Deosan Activate range contains products designed specifically for the applications found in each of the dairy sub-sectors. Four fast acting formulations designed to achieve the optimum activity against bacteria while delivering efficiency benefits for your farm:


  • Ready to use formulations to deliver ease of use
  • Concentrated formulations delivering excellent cost in use
  • Film forming and long cling products to prolong the biocidal and conditioning activity past the point of application