Dairy Industry Hygiene Solutions

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Cleaning and Sanitation Solutions for the Dairy Industry


Helping raise the value of milk ensures you obtain the best return for your investment. Our unique data insights on every stage of milk’s journey from farm to glass, support the most hygienic quality product while using the safest methods and materials to achieve efficiencies and save costs.



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Achieving Productivity, Food Safety and Product Quality


The constant threat of contamination makes food safety and risk management your highest priority. A partner with extensive knowledge and experience is one you can implicitly trust to guarantee a clean system. Our residue control and sustainable perspective translate into productivity, safety and product quality.


Together we can realize the future of dairy hygiene based on our process of continuous improvement. Using analysis of consumer demands and milk chain requirements our solutions overcome any misplaced reliance on traditional dairy processing methods.


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Safe Milk


Diversey helps its customers deliver safe milk without compromise. There are no short-cuts, only an exceptional range of unrivalled products and processes. Our commitment to add value to milk, reduce your production costs and protect your brand never wavers. 


Diversey is committed to protect the food, beverages and medication that you and your family depend on from potential contamination during production. We are constantly striving to enhance the safety of the products the world consumes, working with our partners in the Food, Beverage, Dairy and Life Sciences industries to achieve the highest standards of hygiene and efficiency in their production processes, and to minimise their impact on the natural resources they consume.