Diversey Express™
Professional Cleaning Solution For Smaller Food Service Facilities

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The Results You Need… With The Simplicity You Deserve


Now, smaller food service facilities can achieve professional cleaning results and improved food safety compliance with Diversey Express™ high-performance cleaning solutions, paired with our unique online training app.


Each time you clean, you get greater guest satisfaction, higher employee and guest safety, and enhanced brand protection. All this while reducing your operational costs, increasing efficiency and driving continuous improvement.


The Diversey Express™ program contains:

  1. Concentrated formulas in color-coded, single-use packets
  2. Wide range of specialty cleaners and tools
  3. Innovative online training app, available 24/7


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Online Training App

The Diversey Express™ training app teaches your current and new employees how to use the right products and methods to achieve the best results for each of their main cleaning tasks. It is available when and where you need it, saving you time and money.


Single-Use Packets

Move up to the superior performance of Diversey’s Suma® brand professional-grade cleaners in single-use packets. Each Diversey Express™ packet contains just the right amount of concentrated cleaner so you get the right dose every time.


And that’s not all. Our Diversey Express™ packets reduce costs by up to 30% and they require minimal storage space and up-front investment.


Specialty Cleaners And Tools

Our single-use packets are complemented by a full array of Diversey Express™ specialty cleaners and tools which makes cleaning fast and easy.


specialty cleaners and tools