Suma Café®
For Better Tasting Coffee

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A Proper Coffee Machine Cleaning Program Leads To Optimal Performance From Your Machines And Repeat Business From Satisfied Customers


Suma Café® is a comprehensive range of products that has been developed together with Urnex, the industry leader in coffee machine cleaning, to satisfy all cleaning needs within every type of machine. The products can be used for all common types of coffee machines, including traditional and automatic espresso, drip filter and filter, fresh brew or bean to cup and liquid vending machines.


Better tasting coffee

Eliminates left over residue, which often leaves a bitter taste. What’s left is coffee as it is intended.


Fewer breakdowns & Lower operational costs

Removes oily residue build-up and calcium deposits that can shut down your machine and severely impact sales & profits.



A comprehensive range which includes phosphate free formulations and products produced according to environmentally friendly protocols.



Convenient easy to handle and easy to dose recyclable packs.


Quality certified

Products that meet health and safety standards; NSF, Halal, Kosher.

Suma Cafe